Dogs and Hail Storms

The poor moping puppies are having to lay still by the stove and finish drying off after I saved them from the nasty hailstorm that passed through our neighborhood.  Unfortunately, we haven't gotten around to building their doghouse yet, and the weather is turning worse and worse.  The hail started earlier this evening and it was a doozie.  The poor pups didn't have anywhere to hide from it, so I brought them in the house (even though I really don't like dogs in the house).  I ended up giving both of them baths because they were just downright nasty.  Boy was that a chore.  They wouldn't leave each other, so they both ended up in the bathroom with me. Sigh.

After the comedy of washing two nervous dogs and getting mud swiped all over my bathroom, I was able to successfully get them semi-dried and laid down next to the stove.  That's where they've been for the past hour.  They're both asleep now.  However, as you can see in this picture, they weren't too keen on the idea of sitting still at first.

Now to clean the muddy laundry room (which Danner insisted on peeing in) and the nasty muddy tub and cupboards in the bathroom.  Another sigh.  Need that doghouse built ASAP.



Sarah said...

Oh my! Did you take a picture? - Sarah

Yvonne said...

No, I did not take a picture of the ensuing chaos right after I brought them in. It was enough just to get through the event with my samity intact.

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