Off Again

I have to say that the sunset in Juneau is pretty amazing.  Of course the picture doesn't do it justice at all.  However, this is the view from the beach in front of our travel trailer.  We get to enjoy it for two more days until we leave for Hyder, AK.  It's been fun watching the cruise ships come in and out, especially the ones that run at night.  It looks like Christmas floating on the water with all their lights ablaze.

 I finalized our ferry reservations yesterday for our trip over to Hyder.  We will be ferrying over to Skagway, AK and then driving the rest of the way.  It's more cost effective to do it this way than to ferry over to Prince Rupert.  So, that's what we'll do.

This is the ferry we'll be riding on.  It's called the Matanuska.  Alexis isn't very excited about the fact that we're riding another ferry.  She keeps insisting that we need to fly to wherever it is we're going.  Poor thing gets bored out of her mind with the Alaskan scenery.  She just asked me if the ferry has a waterslide on it.  I guess you know what she's wanting to do.

Once we get to Hyder, this is going to be our first view of the town.  Isn't it just the bees-knees :).  I have been informed that there are more than 100 people there now.  Oh, and we can drive 2 miles over to Stewart, British Columbia and get some Canada tourism in.  We haven't been told where exactly we're supposed to be staying, but the superintendent from Secon told Anthony that he would be finding us something.  I guess it's one of those "come on over to the middle of nowhere and we'll figure out where to put you" kind of trips.  Woohoo!  Can't wait.  (note the slight sarcasm)



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