In Need of Coasters

Please tell me I'm not the only one who just got Christmas all put away? Please. I have a terrible habit of leaving it up FOREVER. One year it was March before I actually got it all put away. I know, pathetic. Not sure what my hang-up is about it. But, this year, I did manage to do it while it was still January.

This morning I realized that I no longer had a coaster to put my morning coffee on. I had been using the fabric Christmas ones that my mother had sewn up for me (which are awesome). But, alas, they were all packed safely away. However, I knew that the thing I needed to do to fix this dilemma was to drop everything (except the coffee) and grab my yarn and hook. I found a multi-colored cotton yarn in my stash and proceeded to whip out a small wagon wheel big enough for my cup to go on. I love the colors and my mug fit nicely on top of it. Dilemma solved! Now that I've got my emergency mug wheel, I can think about stitching up some variations. "ADD THAT TO THE TO-DO LIST!!!" Ha!

So far, on this overcast Saturday morning, this and two loads of laundry is all I have accomplished. Oh, yes, and I also managed to get out of bed :). Now to think about the rest of the day. Looking forward to spending a late afternoon/evening with my B.F.F. and our two families.


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