A Work of Love

It was a beautiful evening last night where we live. I had the doors open and the kids stayed out playing a "bit" after their bedtimes. I usually like to get them down and snuggled in no later than 8:30, but they were engrossed in a little project and playing so well together that I just watched them through the window and didn't go out to get them until a little after 9:00. By then, they had construction the site that you see here:

Previously, it had just been dirt. Yes, they transplanted weeds, flowers, and all - along with making the cross.
I asked them if they had buried a bug or something and Alexis replied, "No Mommy. We were thinking about Jesus and how He died for us, so we made this for Him." It was very touching. We talked about how He's no longer dead and that He's with us all the time. Alexis said, "I know that. I just wanted to build something for Him and I didn't have big enough rocks to build the open tomb." So sweet.

If you click on the pictures, you can see a little bigger version of it. I like all the little details they added to the "site".


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