Back to School for the Homeschooler

Have you seen all the "Back to School" ads, ideas, themes, parties, etc. swarming the web right now? I have to admit, it completely caught me by surprise this year. Being in Alaska for the construction season and feeling a bit "out of the loop" anyways, I got that deflated feeling when all my lovely blog ladies that I faithfully read started churning out the "Back to School" season items. I thought, "What!? Is it seriously that time again? Oh no - I haven't even started preparing." Oh well.  Guess I'll get started now :).

As a homeschooling mom, I know that it can be difficult sometimes to get into the "Back to School" spirit, especially if you're a year-round schooler like us. So, go ahead, throw a PARTY! See how it will rejuvenate the spirit and add some fun to the mix. The kids will love it.

You can go all out and do a whole theme. This one from is really cute for the mom who loves to do creative foods and tablescapes.
Back to School Party from CATCHMYPARTY.COM

You don't even have to get super fancy. You can do a simple tablescape with construction paper, and other supplies on hand. The kids will think it's great. Watch their eyes light up when they realize something special is going on.
Day 344

And what about all those cute ideas for teacher gifts? I have seen so many that are just too fun to pass up. I say, why not make something special and unique for your kids' teacher this year, even if that teacher is YOU. Or should I say, BECAUSE that teacher is you. I know that, for me, having a new gadget, organizer, personalized notebook, etc. really gives me an attitude boost and makes things more fun/interesting.

Mini Modpodge Clipboard from MARTA WRITES

Menu Planner Spiral Notebook from ARTSY-FARTSY MAMA

Desk Organizer from HOME CELEBRATION
Personalized Calendar w/Journaling Page by SCHOOL SUPPLY DANCE

The same goes for the kids too. Have you seen how excited they get over something new, even if it's just a new box of crayons? How about some of these fun ideas to get the kids excited about a new year (or just for fun if you school year-round)?


Beadboard Supply Caddy from THE CRAFTING CHICKS

Pencil Case from BY NIGHT

Reading Nook from THE LAWRENCE GIRLS

Flip-Down Wall Art Desk from ANA WHITE

Organizer Board from BUSY AT HOME

Just looking at all these ideas has me excited for OUR "Back to School" celebration. So get your crafty-mama hat on and start planning that party :). And, if you're one of those whose kids are all gone, why not create a little something for the grand-babies who are schooling. It'll just add one more thing to your "why I'm a totally awesome grandma" list :).



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