Watercolor Interpretation of Hyder by Kaitlyn

Do you remember the picture I posted of what we see outside our travel trailer window? If not, check out this post.

Well, while the girls were visiting the Rogers (good friends of ours) in Stewart BC, Mrs. Rogers brought out some paints for the kids to use. Kaitlyn decided that she was going to paint what she saw from our trailer. I asked her about it and below is the answer that she gave.

Click on the image to get a better view

"This is God in the sky and Jesus in the sky and that's the Holy Spirit. And there is real grass. I feel good when I look at it. Mrs. Rogers helped me. The sky is blue. This is what I see from our trailer."

I was blown away by it. How wonderful that what she sees when she looks out is God (in whatever form or way she sees that in her mind). It made me think......Do I look for God in the everyday? Would he show up in my watercolors if I were to paint something? The answer to both of these should be yes - but too often it is "no." Thank you Katie for showing Mommy the proper view.


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