"Fishing" Fun

A few weeks back we took a Sunday to ourselves and spent some time as a family out at the river. With Anthony working so much, we don't really get much time to do anything together (especially now that he's working 7 days a week). So our river trip was a definite highlight for the month of July. We drove down the Fish Creek road for quite a while and found ourselves a very secluded spot to park and play. Alexis was ecstatic to try out her fishing skills and she spent most of  her time working on her casting (which is one the best parts about fishing).
We got some practice in on casting and reeling. Alexis did quite well :)
We didn't catch anything on this trip, but it didn't really matter because she had a great time trying to cast further and further out into the river. It was a success in her eyes.

Kaitlyn decided that fishing wasn't really for her right now. She was much more interested in a little sandy pool that she could wade and play in.
She had a great time making a "castle" and then laying siege on it with her stomping feet. Her dress got nice and dirty from the whole thing. Again, a successful trip in her eyes as well :).

We were able to spend quite a bit of time just relaxing and spending time with one another. Suzie even had fun chasing an obnoxious bird around and then diving into the river. She's such a nut.
Killdeer Bird - VERY obnoxious :)
The girls and I have since been to the river a few times by ourselves (with protection, of course) and had a great time playing in the pools of water. It's such beautiful landscape and so peaceful.

This picture is of a spot that is actually 1/4 mile behind our travel trailer. It's so close and there is hardly ever anyone there. This is a slow moving portion that runs into the highly volatile river just on the other side of that clump of trees. The girls get some good "swimming" practice in (it only comes up to Alexis's thighs) and I plant myself with a slingshot and a good book right on the edge. Great fun.



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