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Beautiful Alaska

We're having the stay-inside weather in Hyder, AK today. The cloud cover is so low that the planes will not fly through. Hence, no mail or groceries today (sigh). However, it does make for a nice day to browse the web and look at things I've been wanting to check out.

For example, I have been wanting to learn how to do some different things on this blog and so I started snooping around and found a bucket-load of information and tutorials. One of the things that I was interested in was how to put a button on here that allowed a reader to follow me on pinterest if their heart so desired :). I found the answer at BloggerSentral. I LOVE that you can just copy and paste and........BAM! There it is.

Follow Me on Pinterest
(go ahead.....click it....you know you want to)

Makes me want to do the HAPPY DANCE!

There is so much I need to learn about how to tweak and customize my little chunk of the net. I'll probably be so excited that I've figured something out that I'll want to post everything about it. The Pinterest button thing was baby step number 1. So cool :).



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