Back to the Doctor We Go

We just ended a round of amoxicillin with the girls.  Katie had a sinus infection and Alexis had a double ear infection.  Guess what? It didn't work.  Back to the doctor we go again.  Both girls are still sick and it's been three weeks.  Yikes.  But then again, Anthony and I have had ours for four and a half weeks.  Whatever this new bug is that's going around, it's been lasting a really long time for everyone.

One good thing about the doctor visit is that we'll get to see our doctor who had retired a while back.  He's covering for our new doctor who's on paternity leave.  The girls are very excited.  Dr. Mason is one of the best pediatricians out there.  He gets all kinds of loves from the girls, and they don't mind a visit to the doctor when they know he's going to be there.  They don't even ask if they're going to get shots.  Pretty impressive, huh?



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