Yeah! Some Spring Weather

Finally! Some "leave-your-door-open-because-it's-so-nice" weather.  The girls have been outside a lot today and Alexis thought it would be a great idea to tie a rope to the tree and swing on it.  So, Mommy decided to improve it just a little bit to make it a little more fun.  I went into the garage, found a small board and drilled a hole in the middle of it big enough to get the rope through.  Once I secured the board on a knot and secured it around a sturdy limb, Alexis started jumping off the tree and swinging.  That fun lasted until her next little invention.....

This was the "tie-a-rope-to-the-wagon-and-bike" and ride as fast as you can invention.  I don't know if you can make out the rope or not, but it's one of those yellow ones that I HATE trying to tie.  It worked for a while until she hanked really hard on a turn and it popped off.  Kaitlyn thought it was hilarious and laughed so hard she almost wet her pants.  She made it to the bathroom just in time.

My sweet, sweet babies playing outside.  Oh, forgive me, I mean my little girls (Katie chastizes me everytime I call her my baby - "No, Mommy, me a little girl.").

We got all of our school work done earlier this morning so we've spent a few hours soaking in the little sunshine that graced our neighborhood this afternoon.  I can't wait for Summer.



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