Jumbo Coloring Fun

Bring out the big tub of crayons!  Grandma has just given the girls jumbo coloring books.  Alexis chose the Princess book and Katie liked the Fairies one.  And off they go ......coloring? .....creating?......nope, arguing over the crayons.  (Insert deep Mommy sigh and eye-roll).  I did, however, get to capture a couple of moments when the room was quiet and all you could hear was the smooth application of crayola colored wax on paper.  Ahhhh...that's a beautiful sound :)

Did you notice what Alexis was coloring?  Yes, that would be a horse....surprised?  Me neither.  She saw that page and did a full-on freak-out.  I told her that if she did a good job I would hang it on the wall.  She nearly wiggled out of her skin in excitement.  So funny.



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