Stuffed Shamrock Sally

This is the little cutie I made the other day.  Katie dubbed her "Sally" and I think it fits quite well.  I am in the process of making 11 more (nice even dozen - smile). It's an easy project for the upcoming holiday, and oh-so cute.

Materials needed:

Light green felt
Dark green felt
Shamrock cutout printed on cardstock (got mine from google images and just copied and pasted onto    MS Word)

Black eyes - 6 mm (got mine at Joann's)
Black embroidery floss
Red embroidery floss

Use the shamrock cutout to trace shamrocks onto your light green and dark green felt. Make sure that you flip the cutout to face the opposite way on one of the colors.  That way you can hide the trace marks when you sew them together. Cutout all the shamrocks. Take the light green shamrocks and figure out where you want the eyes to go.  I put some close together and some farther away.  It's just personal preference on this part.  I used an awl to punch through the felt so I could get the eyes in.  Then put the backing on the eyes so that they don't fall out. Once the eyes are in, use a fine sharpie marker to draw a cute smile and then embroider with red floss. Put the light green and dark green shamrocks together and stick all the way around with the black floss, leaving enough room to insert the fiberfill.  Finish up the stitch and then marvel at the cuteness.



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