A Visit from Darby

"What happened to our living room?!" That's what I heard this morning from Alexis.  I told her that Darby, our mischievous imaginary leprechaun, must have paid us a visit during the night and created mayhem.  Of course she wasn't convinced one bit.  "Mommy, I know you did it. What a mess."  Not exactly the level of excitement I was expecting, but, then again she is six and prone to telling things exactly how they are.  Oh well.

Not only did Darby (or, Mommy, as Alexis kept stating) make a green and white mess, but he also left a little treasure hunt behind.

There were six clues signed by Darby ("Mommy, I know your handwriting" *sigh*).  Each one had a little giggle at the girls for not finding the prize yet (which started to make Alexis very grumpy).  FINALLY, the last clue was figured out and this is what the girls saw in the living room closet:

Two really cute pails filled with candy and other goodies (pencils, stickers, notepads, hand-stitched stuffed shamrocks, etc.).  Once all the goodies were gone through, we sat down to shamrock pancakes and yogurt.  Mmmm.

All-in-all it was pretty fun (well, for me and Katie anyway).  Maybe next year the seven-year-old Alexis will have more fun with it.

What kinds of fun things did you do to celebrate today?



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